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From now on, updates -as well as random posts-will be found here. Tis my new journal! A much more efficient way of updating the comic.check there tomorrow....late tomorrow.


PROLOGUE DONE!!!Sorry for the lack of updates....school just started and i was trying to adjust to my new schedule. When i get into more of a routine, i'll probably be more consistent with updates. Speaking of which, i would really like to have a update lj, but that'll have to wait...hmm....Three new pages up! On another note, Hizao Miyazaki's masterpiece, "Spirited Away" is coming out in the US on Sept.20th, in select theaters, i believe. Go see it if you can! It's amazing, and Miyazaki's work deserves more attention in the US. If you enjoyed Totoro, you'll love this one. Well, that's about it for a while...if you read and are interested in my comic, please tell your friends about it. My comic far more rewarding when i have readers.=)


Three more pages up...the prologue is almost done. I'm reeaally happy now.My awesome,awesome sister just bought me new pens and colored pencils. so now i can improve my art ^-^. And for free. yay


One page this time.


Eech. Might as well get this done as soon as possible...so here's three more pages =P.


FAQ up!! 9_9. Expect the real story to start soon. The end of the prologue is in sight!! (wild cheering)


Wheeee!Three more pages up. Also..set up links on all the comic pages for easier reading (miiiiiigraaaaiiine). Expect an info page up soon with a faq, just because I want to give a little info on the comic and I feel like it. I'm going to go gouge out my tired eyes now...


Mini update-3 new pages.


Few more pages up.=)


Added pages 8-9.The first few pages still look pretty ugly, even though my computer's all better. I use photoshop to scan and enhance, and unfortunately, i'm pretty amateur at it. Getting better though...=/


O_o* whew!This is my first comic,so thanks to everyone who checks it out.My computer has been under attack by a virus, so the pages are pretty ugly. Having a bad scanner doesn't help. I'll try to fix the pages when I get my computer fixed. Give me some feedback by signing my guestbook.^-^